Technology at DePaul School for Hearing & Speech

By Sara Baines-Miller | Posted on: October 16, 2020

Computer use at DePaul

We love using technology at DePaul! We pride ourselves on using only the best equipment and technology so that our students have wonderful opportunities to learn. Whether we are evenly distributing sound in a classroom, connecting online, providing closed captioning and more, we offer state-of-the-art learning strategies through quality technology.


For our younger toddler and preschool students, we have Sound Fields. Our teachers wear microphones and their voice is projected throughout the room evenly so that no matter where the student is sitting, he/she can hear the teacher. This is such an important tool for our younger kids to help them hear and understand the lessons.


For all our elementary students, we use ROGER equipment and boots. This means we provide the kids with small receivers they can put on their devices. The teachers have a microphone and can stream directly into their ears. Mini Mics are also used for one-on-one meetings. We have equipment for each brand of implant and hearing aid that connects students directly to their devices by way of Bluetooth or his/her computer audio. Furthermore, all students ̶̶ kindergarten through eighth grade ̶̶ are using Chromebooks in the classroom.


We know school looks very different for so many of us right now due to the pandemic. DePaul School for Hearing & Speech is prepared to teach our kids online if we need to switch to an eLearning platform.

We will fully support our student’s online learning using Google Classroom. Additionally, all video conferencing using Google Meets will have automated captioning. The captioning is extremely beneficial for meetings or learning that needs to be conducted online. Finally, if we are distance learning, we will supply students with splitters so that both students and parents/guardians can hear the teacher with their own headphones.


As you can see, we utilize a variety of technology both in the classroom and remotely. If you have any questions about the technology we use, please reach out to us today!

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