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SAILL Preschool

Speech And Integrated Language for Literacy

SAILL stands for Speech And Integrated Language for Literacy and is a preschool program with a separate private academic license. 

At DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, we are committed to giving each child the opportunity to speak and have their voice heard.

SAILL Preschool Program at DePaul
SAILL Preschool

This intensive language-rich preschool is designed for children whose spoken language skills require consistent, targeted instruction and speech therapy in a full-day program. SAILL is for children in need of intensive speech and language services regardless of hearing loss.

Participants are preschool-age children with speech and language needs, including but not limited to:

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    Children with severe speech and language delays

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    Children in need of an intensive speech/language and literacy focused preschool curriculum as preparation for entering Kindergarten

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    Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

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    Children who are learning English as a second language

SAILL Preschool
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The SAILL program is funded through privately paid tuition. However, families in need of financial assistance can still participate in SAILL.

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For over 115 years, DePaul School has placed children and their educational needs as our priority. We will work with families to ensure their child’s needs can be met. Talk with us about your concerns, we can help! 

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Additionally, the SAILL program offers open enrollment. Reach out to us any time during the year to ask questions or enroll your child.

Additional Program Information

Small Class Sizes

Our highly-skilled teachers and therapists help students develop their speech, language, and pre-literacy skills through fun, small-group classroom activities. 

SAILL Preschool

Speech/Language Therapy

Because our students need extensive guided practice to develop effective communication skills, each preschool student receives a minimum of three individual 30-minute speech therapy sessions per week provided by a Speech Language Pathologist with expertise in developing Listening and Spoken Language. Our speech/language pathologists also have additional training in diagnosis and treatment of Childhood Apraxia of Speech as well as use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) devices.

Parents can enroll their child in SAILL’s speech, language, and literacy-oriented curriculum through this separate licensed program, providing a more intensive individual and small group experience to develop speech language skills.

SAILL is co-taught by an early childhood educator and a speech-language pathologist.

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Program Updates

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    Our SAILL Preschool program holds a private academic license. Initially, SAILL conducted a pilot program to offer intensive speech services to children without hearing loss. Through this separate licensed program, parents can enroll their child in SAILL’s speech-oriented curriculum instead of undergoing an extensive approval process in which the family may or may not be approved by their Intermediate Unit. This new program will eliminate heavy burdens for families seeking intensive speech services for their preschool-age child.

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    SAILL Preschool Program (Speech And Integrated Language for Literacy Program) is a separate preschool program approved by the Pennsylvania Board of Educators. With a separate private academic license, SAILL is for preschool-age children 3 - 5 years of age who MAY not have a hearing loss but need intensive speech and language services. The SAILL Preschool Program is five days a week and is funded separately through private tuition and restricted gifts. 

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At DePaul School for Hearing and Speech, we are committed to giving each child the opportunity to speak and have their voice heard. Contact us to learn more about our SAILL Preschool Program.

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