Chromebook Tips, Tricks, and Resources

Here is the DePaul School Chromebook Instruction Manual.

This is a video of a guided tour of Chrome OS.

Here is a full list of Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts.

Chromebook has it's own YouTube Channel with hundreds of instructional videos. (Please note students' Chromebooks have many filters and parental controls activated to keep them safe so some features have been disabled).

Edmodo Information and Resources

Here is a brief Introductory Video to Edmodo for everyone.

This is a brief Edmodo Tutorial for Parents.

This is an Introduction to Edmondo for Teachers video.

Here are Three Activities to Get Started with Distance Learning.

This is Edmodo's official website.

Here is the link to Edmodo's help page.

Kids A-Z Information and Resources

Here is a PDF of the Kids A-Z sent home to parents. (Please note each child has their own unique account.)

This is theĀ Kids A-Z Login and Assignments PDF that explains how to log in and access your teacher's assignments.

This is the Official Kids A-Z Website.

Here is an Overview Video for Kids A-Z.

Co:Writer Information and Resources