March 13, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please know that we will continue to follow the directives of Pennsylvania Department of Health and Pennsylvania Department of Education regarding the closing of schools in response to COVID19. Although there are many uncertainties, we want to assure you that the health and safety of your child is our highest priority.

As we anticipate the eventual closing of schools to prevent further spreading of this novel virus, we are sending home packets to ensure the continuation of your child’s education. These packets have been assembled by your child’s teachers, with activities for specific each student. It is our intent that these activities be completed daily, during 9 to 3 hours, as possible. We are advising that you try to maintain some regular schedule, as much as possible. Our hope is to maximize the learning opportunity and to be able to count these days as learning days for your child.  Teachers will also going to be sending correspondence you regarding updates and additional information.

In addition to the paper-based packets, students in levels 4 to 8 are bringing home a Chromebook and related materials.  Your child has been given specific instructions for how to use the Chromebooks, and each child has a profile that will guide their learning. There are specific software programs loaded which with provide your child with aided instruction.  For additional resources, parents should access the DePaul School resource website: .

Continued communication: We are asking you to check your email daily for input and additional guidance from your child’s teachers. We will use our robo-call platform to provide updates. We will use the website for additional inputs, as well on TV,  as we do for inclement weather conditions.

We understand the challenges and stress that these uncertainties put on our families. However, we believe that continued communication with you is our best avenue to proceed through these uncertain times. Thank you for your continued trust in our best interest for you and your family.  We will be here to assist our families in any way that we can during this time.



Mary Jo Maynard