American Rescue Package Summary

DePaul School has been awarded American Rescue Plan funds for Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ESSER), Governor’s Emergency Education Relief for Schools (GEERS II), and Emergency Assistance for Nonpublic Schools (EANS I) funds to support schools through the challenges faced in mitigating Covid Relief.   At DePaul School, these federal funds have helped to provide the following items to keep our school safe, to address the learning loss due to Covid, and to ensure every child is provided with a free and appropriate publicly funded education:

Personal protective equipment, including extensive supplies of various types of masks, sneeze-guard shields, one-to-one computing devices, and all necessary software and security including an individualized digital curriculum. Upgrades to our drinking fountains, installation of air filtration systems throughout the building, and upgrades to our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems have been funded through these federal funds.   

Additional technological upgrades included the purchase of smart televisions for use in the conference rooms to allow for added connectivity for parents and school districts to ensure the continuance of IEPs. Professional zoom licenses are also included in the technology upgrades.

Water sources throughout the building were tested when the building was reopened in June 2020, Legionella was identified throughout, and treatment measures to remove the Legionella bacteria included the need to purchase a new hot water tank that could heat water to a very high temperature to kill the Legionella bacteria. Clear backpacks were issued to all students to minimize transference of the virus among soft surfaces. 

Many high-powered but non-toxic cleaning products were purchased to ensure a safe and clean environment for all students and staff.  Hand–sanitizing stations were set up throughout the building for easy access for all.

Funds were used to provide professional development training for teaching including the use of Google Classroom, Google Voice, and Stress-management throughout these 2 ½ years.  

To ensure adequate physical exercise in outdoor spaces, we have purchased additional outdoor equipment for our students of all ages.  Robotics devices and software for student use expanding our technology curriculum for students.

This summary of the expenditures from the American Rescue Plan funds includes funds awarded from The Elementary and Secondary School Education Relief fund (ESSER), Governor’s Emergency Educations Relief for Schools II fund (GEERS II), and the Emergency Assistance for Nonpublic Schools (EANSI) fund. DePaul School was awarded a total of $174,625.